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Dancing with Marionettes

Imogen Heap - Just For Now: I love this performance, she samples and mixes her own voice as she sings, layering it and harmonising with herself. This should be a genre. [$0.02]And the genre should be called: Dancing With Marionettes[/$0.02].

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Say It With Firecrackers

Bang! Bang! Bang! Fred Astaire.

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Trigun - Wanna be a Cowboy

Does this man look like the legendary gunman Vash the Stampede? That droopy-eyed, weak-looking, bristle-headed, promiscuous-looking donut freak of a man?

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And we're back... welcome to the new, things will be a little unsettled during the course of the update, expect this Fully Operational Battle Station to coming around Endor's horizon by the weekend. Expect dead links to some of the cameras until then.

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PS22 Choir - Tori Amos

Tori Amos

TurbidBlue writes:

Ever wonder what a 5th grade choir singing Tori songs would be like?

* Purple People
* Carbon
* That’s What I Like Mick (The Sandwich Song)
* Flying Dutchman (Deon/Solo)
* Wednesday

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Dean Gray Tuesday - 13 December 2005 will be participating in Dean Gray Tuesday, an event to protest the censoring of mash-up albums (an excellent and worthy form of art) by music labels, and to flip the bird at all those persons and organisations who would use the law to restrict creativity, art or science. So, to artists, musicians and my fellow man: you kick ass! great to share the world with you. To the RIAA, MPAA, Warner Bros, Sony, et al, suck on this:


Tracks will be available for download for one day only. It truly blows my mind that that original and authentic art can be illegal due to quirks in copyright law. There are whole genres of music created by the skillful re-editing and mixing together of sounds from various sources, including maintream tracks. People make this stuf for the love of doing it and release the albums for free on the 'net, and it's illegal just because the big studios dont like it and start harrumphing about licences and uncleared samples and garbage. I call bullshit on that.

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Dancing with Marionettes
Say It With Firecrackers
Trigun - Wanna be a Cowboy
PS22 Choir - Tori Amos
Dean Gray Tuesday - 13 December 2005


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