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by: @BrittianMN

by: Anonymous

by: Puedo hacer que la tierra se pare en seco. Hice desaparecer los coches azules.

by: Anonymous

by: Anonymous

by: Tat2Jorge

by: zoe

by: Anonymous

by: Anonymus Culonguinus

by: Alba López Augusto

by: Anonymous

by: Anonymous

by: Anonymous

by: Anonymous

by: Anonymous

by: Jorge Rodriguez

by: Alicia Calvo Alabau

by: bgnhmjkn

by: Erik Martinez , Chiara Teresa y Jesus Roda

by: Nikole...

by: By La Dana!

by: ari chacon


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The mix poetry generator is a tool for combining images and text to express ideas in a way that neither pictures nor words convey by themselves.


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'Untitled' by Anonymous

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