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Mrs West

We have Alan, he is safe.
however there are a few demands that we would like your compliance with. we assure you that no harm will come if you do what we ask.
1)Rename \\\\`Study Periods\\\\` as \\\\`Free\\\\`s\\\\`
2)Period 4 on a friday will be know as cake period. you will provide the cake.
3)Matt cook is allowed to repeat the year again if required
4)Be able to leave school during free\\\\`s
5)Be able to leave the school in cars during free\\`s and lunch.
If you follow our demands then we will meet you for the safe handover of Alan, negotiations will not be necessary. Monday Break. Middle of the basketball court.
Do not be late

by RickAstley


This image was made with the ransom note generator, it arranges a bunch of letters cut from newspapers and magazines into text - like ransom notes on an old TV series.


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