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anonymous writes...

Is anyone aware of iFriends taking legal action against someone for runing a scanner against their servers? Just curious....

posted: 2010-07-21 20:10:53

Emeka Nwokorie writes...

Dear Strix

I have found your post throuhg google. however, I am a bit confused as to what exactly one is supposed to do to get the protective wrapper removed. Is there any way that you could provide a post with step-by-step instructions on how to remove the protective wrapper, based on your most recent and successful attempts to do so.

thank you.

posted: 2007-06-17 14:42:26

marvin writes...

Emeka, here are two wmv streams
with a protective wrapper. Just change
and in capital letters for the one that is written this way.
Another situation is when you get a little video in the big screen of WindowsMediaPlayer, meaning that it is a webcam, rather than a tv in hd, like in this stream:
Just change, then,
after, to remove the protective wrapper.
To find hdtv ifriends streams, just type
ifriends hd
in the first box of the advanced search of yahoo, and
wmv asf asx wvx (etc...)
in the third box. But be sure the family filter is not on!
I appreciate this page, and will learn it with great attention. Thanks.

posted: 2007-07-11 06:07:56

marvin writes...

I forgot to say, at the end of my text, that
wmv asf asx wvx (etc...)
must be switched to
"in the url".
And it would be better in Firefox with media connectivity installed. You then just right click on it and get all the videos listed. I must say also that it is in the ordinary web section of the search, not in the video section.

posted: 2007-07-11 06:20:26

marvin writes...

Always on the same subject, at the end of my first comment,
ifriends hd
may be tried
"in the url"
if it not work
"in the page".
I remembered to have a good result with
hd tv
"in the url".
That give a chance to get also ifriends hdtv beginning with an ip in the url streams.
Anyway, remark carefully these urls, the words in it, and try many search options, or tricks, of how you can harvest the most of streams.

posted: 2007-07-11 06:40:54

SneakyJoe writes...

Marvin - replace the UNU or ANM with FCM.

UNU seems to be the censored version
ANM seems to be the 'advertising version' with iFriends logos over everything.
FCM is the standard video stream - the only on-screen graphic is the fanclub name in the bottom right corner.

posted: 2007-08-12 22:26:44

Pauley writes...

That hasn't caught on because it's really complicated, and not many people have a good understanding of those programs (me included). Is there an easier way? And has anyone found a way to hack the "non-easy cam" cam archives yet?

posted: 2007-10-27 00:20:35

sneakyjoe writes...


some people have found a glitch. If you are in a free to private session, and someone takes a host private, exit the room by going to another URL (not by pressing the exit button on the iFriends page, just pick something at random from your favorites). When the new page loads, press your browser's BACK button and it will dump you back in the chat-room. It will probably say there is no video. Depending on how glitchy things are, you may get to see the video if you try pressing restart video.

The Mister Nobody's solution, while more complex looks, from my understanding of how iFriends works, like it should be more reliable although I've not actually tried it. But if you're just looking for free porn, it does seem a lot of effort to go to when there are places like youporn or all the porn newsgroups available.

posted: 2007-11-11 02:00:50

scott writes...

only problem with mr nobody's solution is that if you have a mac, there is no right or left click on mouse, so final installation doesnt seem possible on a mac computer. any suggestions? additionally original greasemonkey works great except that in hd, some video opens, but others when clicked just send you back to the fan club join up without displaying hd. solutions here? thanks

posted: 2007-11-11 19:42:26

mark writes...

So who's gonna be the King of the World and create a Greasemonkey script to get rid of the protection wrapper in live sessions?

posted: 2007-12-4 00:15:28

Jonny writes...

what should I do if I want to see the non published archives of a chathost wich is not active since a long time (but the archives are still there somewhere, check this )

any advice?
I have an account on ifriends

posted: 2008-02-7 14:01:25

X34 writes...

ifriends changed their site, most file extensions like PURE, 1080, 720 redirect and give you a "tv" low res wmv file. Any help?

posted: 2008-02-15 01:32:47

Rob writes...

X34... iFriends changed the location of their HD content but the naming scheme is still the same. Here is the new address:[2digityear][2digitmonth]/hd/[chathost]/FCM.Txxxx_Sxxx_xxxx.wmv

posted: 2008-02-16 18:04:34

x34 writes...


posted: 2008-02-18 00:45:42

X34 writes...

It doesn't seem to work. I get a message that Internet explorer cannot connect with the website. Could it be that the 8080 in your adress is specific for each host or multiple hosts? If i remove the ":8080" from the address, I get the "tv" file again. Sorry for bothering you, can you offer any help?

posted: 2008-02-19 20:32:00

sneakyjoe writes...

To x34 and Rob...

Just looked at the code for the hidef page. The address I saw looked just like they always used to.

As for the :8080. iFriends uses port 8080 for streaming video. The url Rob is listing is the one for direct streaming rather than file downloading.

posted: 2008-02-20 00:46:27

X34 writes...

I took the :8080 out of Rob's address. Both the old and new addresses work, but they both redirect to a low resolution "tv" wmv file. Could you try it out and see if it works? Maybe I'm doing something wrong.

posted: 2008-02-20 02:03:05

Rob writes...

Sorry that my initial plan didn't work. Since iFriends has upgraded to V2, it's been a challenge to rediscover where iFriends keeps their content. I'll be doing some experimenting and I will get back to you.

posted: 2008-02-20 03:59:00

sneakyjoe writes...

To Rob and X34:

Just tried my HD downloading software at

This hasn't been modified since last August and still seems to find the HD movies just fine - tested with a 2 minute 720p size file (my laptop is too old and full to cope with anything bigger).

From my investigations of iFriends V2, there seem to be a few changes to the way user account names are handled, and a few improvements to the chat interface, and a new look to the site, but as far as I am aware the content hasn't moved around.

posted: 2008-02-20 23:17:20

X34 writes...

I will try again, thanks for the help guys.

posted: 2008-02-21 01:30:10

Alexi writes...

Couldn't get any vids except 480p with the hdlocator and vids file are not being found either using the tripod pages

posted: 2008-02-22 02:43:37

sneakyjoe writes...

Alexi and X34,

send me the details of the vids you have trouble finding (host, date, time), and I'll take a look and see if I can find what's going on. Email to

posted: 2008-02-23 20:54:16

Alexi writes...

Heres why the nothing over 480p will not download except as the low def tv format.
The server now requires an auth cookie verifying that you are an actual ifriends member aka have the adult account with hidef access.

posted: 2008-02-26 00:10:12

yo writes...

working on an ifriends script to find hidden live video, its working to an extent just needs to not close the new window before the browser has a chance to detect the file
Ie it opens the new window and then closes it too quickly

any ideas?

posted: 2008-03-3 03:05:13

sneakyjoe writes...

Yo, if you mean the 2 minute video clips in the video archive, they are quite easy to locate anyway. All those video clips have a still snapshot in the still images archive associated with them. You can search for stills easily, and when you find one with a filmstrip icon in the corner, try the equivalent video clip URL for that host, date and time to see if a video clip is associated with that image.

If you mean the elite video moments, good luck with that one, that would be a nice tool as they don't have an associated still image.

posted: 2008-03-3 22:14:47

sneakyjoe writes...

Yo, I was wrong, there is an associated still image - the thumbnail! I just tried modifying my image scanner to look for elite moment thumbnails and that seems to find hidden ones. Haven't updated the online scanners yet.

If you want to play, the urls are of the form

where yy, mm, dd is the year, month and day, HHMM is the time and nnnnn is the host's name.

Once you find a valid thumbnail, you can plug the date and time of that into the movie archives to get the video:

Feel free to mess with the image scanning code on theunfairness site if you want to try to scan for thumbnails.

posted: 2008-03-4 00:00:27

Anonymous writes...

So when are you going to update the scanner on your site ? I'd modify it myself, but uhhh I dont know how ^^

posted: 2008-03-4 23:01:30

X34 writes...

Alexi, that must be right. That explains why you get redirected to a "tv" file. Are the cookies user specific, or generic? Any way around this?

posted: 2008-03-5 00:05:09

sneakyjoe writes...

lol, Anonymous, give me a chance - I only realised that method would work late last night!

posted: 2008-03-5 00:46:23

sneakyjoe writes...

Anonymous and Yo -

I think I've got the code sorted out. Just need some testdata before I release it. All the hosts I know don't really delete their elite shows - if you know of any who do, can you send me host names, and dates and approximate times of any shows you know they deleted so I can test it.


posted: 2008-03-5 02:15:33

sneakyjoe writes...

elite private moments scanner online - usual place. Please let me know how you get on with it - you guys are my beta testers!

posted: 2008-03-6 02:35:11

Jonny writes...

Is there something similar to watch archives?

posted: 2008-03-6 11:08:07

Alexi writes...

X34 when i have used my login cookie with a download manager it works.
But the cookie seems to be only temporary so you will always have to be renewing it.

posted: 2008-03-6 13:23:51

Anonymous writes...

posted: 2008-03-6 23:03:17

Anonymous writes...

haha sorry to rush you, I sort of assumed it wouldnt take long, plus there was the amazing coincidence... I rarely ever check this place but I happened to check it on the same dayas you posted that, sooo sorry :P

- the pushy anonymous

posted: 2008-03-6 23:09:45

sneakyjoe writes...

Kind of off topic as far as hacking goes, but for anyone who's getting in too deep with camgirls and finding their cash rapidly disappearing, I discovered this site:

It's really a discussion site for camgirls but it outlines some of the harder realities of the situation. Well worth perusing if you find yourself getting infatuated with a cam girl or boy.

Apologies to Strix if this is inappropriate for this forum, but if it can prevent some broken hearts or empty wallets, I think it's a useful read.

posted: 2008-03-7 00:29:26

ebaef writes...

sneakyjoe,can you help me with one java loader about getting pix from similar site. 10x in advice,and sorry about off topic

posted: 2008-03-7 17:38:24

sneakyjoe writes...

Sorry ebaef, I don't know how the image databases work on other sites.

posted: 2008-03-8 21:17:52

Pushy Anonymous writes...

Okay so I've been letting the scanner work on two hosts for a few days, and I still havent found a single vid. I hope that's just bad luck haha. (consider that as a beta test report ;) )
If someone's also digging through their archives :
CASSSIDY - nothing from jan to jul 05
TAYLORSTVENS00 - nothing from nov 04 to apr 05
(I hope strix doesnt mind that kind of post, maybe we need to open a forum someplace)

posted: 2008-03-9 00:27:15

sneakyjoe writes...


I have just checked with one host I know had some elite private moments stored, and then deleted them.

The scanner produced something like 50 videos for 2007 even though the fanclub didn't list any at all.

Some hosts never record any in the first place, and it helps with narrowing down the time periods if you know a host's work patterns (you may be able to use the still image galleries as guides to when the host is online). Also, I think the host must be using Easycam for the scanner to pick up videos.

As strix has asked not to name hosts in the forum, I won't reveal my test subject here.

posted: 2008-03-9 11:23:28

Pushy Anonymous writes...

Ooooops oooh crap, dang... Sorry strix ^^ I havent re-read the post in a while so I kind of forgot, thanks for reminding me sneakyjoe. I'll keep looking and keep my fingers crossed haha ^^

posted: 2008-03-9 13:17:02

ebaef writes...

Sneakyjoe 10x for the answer,I now how it works,just can't put them into boxes and buttons,I have to change them every time in notepad,10x anywhere.

posted: 2008-03-11 17:17:34

X34 writes...

So... Hi-def is no longer accessible except to members and so the HD browser won't work for anyone that isn't signed into ifriends, right?

posted: 2008-03-11 21:56:21

joe friday writes...

SneakyJoe, i had some qs about the elite scanner...mind if i contacted you and discussed them with you?

posted: 2008-03-12 00:47:56

sneakyjoe writes...

Joe, you can ask, but work is crazily busy at the moment, so I may not find time to reply immediately

posted: 2008-03-12 01:50:24

Anonymous writes...

Sneakyjoe, i love the elite scanner script you came up with, i'm wondering if you can make it into a downloadable script?

posted: 2008-03-12 08:34:09

sneakyjoe writes...

Anonymous, not sure what you mean - you can right click on the link and save it to your computer anyway - actually I think you have to for it to work properly.

posted: 2008-03-12 11:50:07

sneakyjoe writes...

@strix: re (yes, twas me again, sorry, forgot to fill my name in that time).

While I have every sympathy with hosts who get ripped off, and it would be nice if the hosting companies could be more active in fraud prevention, there are a couple of gripes I have about the member database.

1) because it relies on hosts to monitor fraud to them personally, it is only as good as their input, and diligence in following up non-payments that subsequently get paid. Without any independent validation (which is impossible since hosting companies won't - probably legally can't - release credit card transaction details to hosts, the system is open both to errors due to host forgetfulness, or even misuses of the system.

2) While recording and passing on information about fraud is one thing, I believe there should be confidentiality between a host and clients, and the catalogue of 'good clients' in which details of their conduct in shows is sometimes described, and clients can be awarded positive 'points' on the database to my mind breaks that confidentiality.

It is true that some sites (e.g LiveJasmin) have a section where hosts can vote on their favorite clients, but this is a section that (a) the members have to positively sign up for, and so are in full knowledge that it exists, and (b) there is some benefit to this system in that the highest vote winners gain free credits for shows. I am one of those people of the opinion that if I have done nothing wrong, then that fact does not need recording, unless it provides me with some benefit.

posted: 2008-03-12 16:00:23

joe friday writes...

@sneaky joe: Is there a particular addy i should write you @?

posted: 2008-03-13 02:25:32

sneakyjoe writes...

Strix said "I've no idea why a host would want to report good clients and big spenders, one would think they'd want to keep those to themselves."

I would have thought hosts would keep the big spenders to themselves too. I know a few hosts and they get so jealous if their clients start spending money on other hosts.

But strangely enough, as well as the member-review having a 10 latest scammers list, it has a 10 latest big spenders list too - both these lists are available to anyone as they are on front page even before you have to log in.

Paradoxically, sometimes the same name can appear on both lists simultaneously. I think if a big spender takes a while to clear and is marked a big fraud first, and then the charge clears and their 'goodness rating' shoots up.

posted: 2008-03-14 01:03:08

sneakyjoe writes...

Joe Friday - my address is in one of the earlier posts on here.

posted: 2008-03-14 01:07:36

Pushy Anonymous writes...

I finally found a vid for those two hosts I've been searching through, it was a 16 seconds clip of no interest whatsoever, but there's something interesting : it was actually an ASF file (when I tried getting the flv, I got the "oooops" page, so I tried renaming it to "asf" and it worked !)

Thought you may find that interesting

posted: 2008-03-17 14:59:18

sneakyjoe writes...

Pushy, that would be because the host was using the Windows Media Encoder video method.

Unlike most sites which just have one video format, iFriends has a multitude. About 5 years ago, just about everyone was using Java applets to decompress video from webcam sites. The iFriends version of this is IFCam.

Then multimedia Flash came along, and over the next couple of years the big sites (e.g. Streamray and LiveJasmin) switched over from Java to Flash, dropping their support for Java Video. Not iFriends though. They introduced a Flash based system (EasyCam), but rather than retire IFCam, they have kept it going in parallel. In addition they also have a Windows Media Encoder type video system. In addition to hosting with this, sessions can be recorded as video on demand (i.e. DRM limited pay to play videos).

You would have thought keeping three video standards running on their site would be a maintenance nightmare!

Anyway, the elite show scanner I wrote was a fairly stripped down version that worked directly with Easycam using hosts. Out of the systems, IFCam doesn't produce video in the elite show library (just still images every couple of minutes) and while some hosts do use Windows Media Encoder, the majority that record movies in their fanclubs seem to be using Easycam, so that was the one I went for in the trial software (and, anyway, I don't personally know anyone who uses Windows Media Encoder!).

It would be a simple matter to add an extra button that constructed the file URL with a .ASF at the end instead of .FLV, so you could try one or the other depending on what works.

I've not tried it, but with a bit of URL adjustment, the scanner should be good for finding hidden replay sessions too - replays tend to be rarer than elite moments though, so they will take longer to find.

posted: 2008-03-17 20:09:39

Pushy Anonymous writes...

Well you know, I've been browing through YEARS of empty elite moments vidz and although there's evidence that they never made any elite vids EVER I'm not giving up, sooo... nothing can stop me now ! :D (What ? Who just called me "obsessive freak" ?)

posted: 2008-03-17 23:27:00

Rob writes...

SneakyJoe, what's the legality status of using your archive scanner? I mean, it's not hacking, but is it totally and completely legal, specifically in the U.S.?

posted: 2008-03-18 03:59:04

bob writes...

how do i find a certain girl?

posted: 2008-03-18 23:05:54

Anonymous writes...

go on ifriends and browse through their categories. I dont advise using the search engine, it's powered by fail !

posted: 2008-03-19 00:56:42

P0t writes...

Is it possible to get the Elite movies in better quality? Or just .flv?Its webcam stuff and the vids stuttering and so on :(

posted: 2008-03-19 03:01:00

Pushy Anonymous writes...

P0t, no I dont think so, you'll have to settle for what you see, be glad you can even see that stuff !

posted: 2008-03-19 03:02:17

Joe Friday writes...

@Sneaky Joe: Yeah hidden replays is where the motherlode let us know if you manage to come up with something that can find those :)

posted: 2008-03-19 03:39:10

Joe Friday writes...

@SneakyJoe; I tested the elite scanner and it worked with one out of the 3 hosts i tried it on, though the vid it picked up wasn't shown as a thumb under her archives. i suspect the scanner only works on hosts who didn't disable their fc's elite moments feature...

posted: 2008-03-19 04:28:54

sneakyjoe writes...

@Joe Friday.

To make a replay library scanner simply edit the elite scanner replacing each occurrence of 'SesArchive' with 'ReplayLibrary'

As before, some hosts may generate ASF files rather than FLVs.

As for you comment about the scanner only working if the host hasn't switched off elite recording - perfectly correct! If the host never makes recordings, there's nothing to find.

@P0T - the recordings are made of live shows at the resolution of the live show broadcast - typically 320x240 pixels, so you can't get higher quality versions of them, unless the host is broadcasting in HD (an option I've not really investigated since I don't know any specific hosts who do).

@Rob - I am not an expert on American law - use this stuff as your conscience dictates.

posted: 2008-03-19 20:20:01

Pushy Anonymous writes...

Whoa I tried editing the elite scanner... and it works ! Was sorta easy too, I used wordpad... I'm pretty much internet illiterate so I expected to just... fail :D Thanks SneakyJoe, you're the f'in man !

posted: 2008-03-19 22:10:34

sneakyjoe writes...

just for you guys, the replay scanner is now online, and the elite scanner is updated to let you load .asf movies as well as .flvs. Enjoy!

posted: 2008-03-21 20:53:04

yellow writes...

Just so you know, those scanners make it pretty easy for iFriends to make a case against you if they wish. Your IP address will show up in their error logs for all those images it did not find.

posted: 2008-03-22 16:30:19

joe friday writes...

@yellow...that ain't good...

posted: 2008-03-22 18:29:55

ChatRep writes...

I was under the impression that the Script that was written to by-pass the privacy screen, would no longer work, since Ifriends has ipdated there website and released a new version...Can anyone tell me if this is correct

posted: 2008-03-23 19:59:41

sneakyjoe writes...


At least for the moment, iFriends have undertaken to run the old and new sites in parallel, so those who prefer the old interface can continue with it.

posted: 2008-03-25 21:10:23

Joe Friday writes...

The HD scanner's acting abit weird at times...sometimes when i try to dl the vids in anything above tv inputs right link but the file that comes up for dl is the tv file...their servers being wonky?

posted: 2008-03-28 01:15:03

sneakyjoe writes...

@Joe Friday,

have a look earlier in this discussion for the comments from X34 and Alexi.

There may be some new security features that are cutting the movie resolution for non-iFriends members.

posted: 2008-03-28 10:34:46

X34 writes...

So... This is probably a long shot, but is there anyone out there who could get the 1080p/PURE videos from one certain host for me?

posted: 2008-03-29 02:27:10

Alexi writes...

To get the 720p and 1080p/1080i videos you must be a member of the IFriends network, using sneakyjoe's scanner and a download manager like flashget simply add your username and password to the section in flashget or create a specific profile and you can go on downloading hidef files without having to login to ifriends to do it.
As for X34 those files are huge man cheaper to get yourself an ifriends membership than wait for someone to upload to some site.

posted: 2008-03-30 05:34:22

Daltanius writes...

I found finnaly the solution.....ifri... full open source.... so i exchange a news whit a member or not member.....HALOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

posted: 2008-03-31 13:59:55

Raian writes...

Daltanius im a member on iFv2 can you help me? i need exchange info TY

posted: 2008-03-31 14:04:14

Daltanius writes...

for see hd or flv video on ifri can u create a easy membership whit only email in not adult section.....and do 2 more step......EASY

posted: 2008-03-31 14:23:56

Daltanius writes...

X34 im can...

posted: 2008-03-31 14:50:52

X34 writes...

Daltanius, do you want me to register for your forum, or can you just let us know here?

posted: 2008-04-1 00:58:45

Daltanius writes...

X34 if u want yes...but w eneed to talk on yhoo or msn

posted: 2008-04-1 10:48:46

Joie Friday writes...

what's he mean full source?

posted: 2008-04-4 09:49:35

Daltanius writes...

Joie....means i can see..all

posted: 2008-04-4 14:51:46

X34 writes...

I tried Daltanius' approach, it involved using a prefix before the file name. I can't get it to work yet.

posted: 2008-04-7 00:40:51

freakshow writes...

so all you have to do is get the address of the UNU file and replace it with FCM, 480P, etc...?

posted: 2008-04-8 08:05:12

Joe Friday writes...

Daltanius' is on the level for any of you wondering...

posted: 2008-04-9 18:03:33

Daltanius writes...

x34 here work all ok...... maybe u need to try get this file direct download whit a toolexample(netrasport2)

posted: 2008-04-10 14:29:00

Daltanius writes...

TY joe....Welcome.....

posted: 2008-04-10 14:30:57

X34 writes...

Daltanius, you are awesome!! It works!! It's strange that they "updated" their security, yet it is so easy to get around it. Thank you again!

posted: 2008-04-11 19:16:50

X34 writes...

Now I just need a new greasemonkey script for the Ifriends wrappers!

posted: 2008-04-11 19:18:24

X34 writes...

It seems if you're signed in to ifriends in firefox, the greasemonkey script doesn't work, is this right? I found a way around it by using both IE and Firefox. Again, thank you Daltanius!

posted: 2008-04-14 00:53:54

Jonny writes...

Ok guys I tried to make things simple for me and I came out with an amateur new tool... I wrote down a word file wich is nothing but a list of links (I took one of them from sneaky's program and made a list using excel) where the last number is the time of the day starting from 00.01 ending at 23.59...
Then I made a html page of it and ran it on firefox. My firefox has that addon that allows you to see thumbnails from image it scanned my whole list and found all the image of the chathost/date I wanted. Edit the word file and you can do that on every chathost/date you want. of course just for image galleries. for me it was faster than sneaky's tool cause I left it working in bacgkround without having to click "next image" each time. I hope I've been clear, if you want the word file just send me a mail. Thank you all, thank you sneaky for your tool

posted: 2008-04-15 16:59:23

Joe Friday writes...

Sneaky's site been taken down...

posted: 2008-04-18 12:08:49

Joe Friday writes...

any chance of a reup Sneaky? I didn't get a chance to save the script for the standard fanclub viewer (which let's you access the videoclips) and the HD viewer...the others i managed to conserve :)

posted: 2008-04-18 12:25:00

sneakyjoe writes...

oops.... terms of service violation apparently (probably not surprising - actually quite surprised it lasted as long as it did!)

Email me and I'll send you the script

posted: 2008-04-18 19:00:22

Joe Friday writes...

Sent you something in your mail box sneaky ;)

posted: 2008-04-19 06:46:08

links ( writes...

what elite scanner...?(assume is a script) i dont get what/where is the usual place... anyone? (sneaky.?.?.?)

posted: 2008-04-22 02:32:28

Anonymous writes...

icarus, look at the few postings immediately above yours, and you will see what happened to the 'usual place'!

posted: 2008-04-22 11:18:36

Joe Friday writes...

hey sneaky did you get my email?

posted: 2008-04-24 07:01:04

sneakyjoe writes...

Sorry guys, since the site got taken down, I've been snowed under with people emailing me for the scripts!

posted: 2008-04-25 13:13:11

Joe Friday writes...

that's ok was wondering if my email went into your junk folder or not coz i haven't heard back from you ;)

posted: 2008-04-25 14:33:09

Anonymous writes...

Daltanius , Joe Friday, X34...Guys can you also share that with me?

posted: 2008-04-30 06:08:09

Athloon writes...

Hey guys, just found this site, think its amazing, I knew before I found this site how to take pics for free and vids, but i never managed with the Elite. But I have 2 questions Im hoping some of you guys can help me with

1. How to grab the replay vids?

posted: 2008-05-1 21:28:45

Anonymous writes...

host the scripts as a .zip file on like geocities and just directly link to them that will work :)

posted: 2008-05-3 04:43:36

Athloon writes...

My second question, if the url for a elite thumb looks like following url, ending with letters instead of numbers for the time it was captured, how does the download url for the vid look like then?*CHATHOST*/08/04/28/AJCH_68.jpg

[edit: chathost name redacted by moderator]

posted: 2008-05-3 13:10:03

Anonymous writes...

Anyone know of a way to get recorded shows from aka streamray, i already know how to get photo ablum pictures like so:

for example:*chathost*/1.jpg

But I cant seem to find where the recorded videos are. Anyone have insight?

[edit: chathost name redacted by moderator]

posted: 2008-05-1 07:22:21

Mib writes...

Hey guys.. for some videos i get this error

Service Unavailable - Zero size object
The server is temporarily unable to service your request. Please try again later.

Reference #15.24112ed0.1209962612.60dac73

Is there anywhere around that??

posted: 2008-05-5 04:44:53

sneakyjoe writes...

all the information you require is in the Greasemonkey script discussion.

posted: 2008-05-5 11:09:39

sneakyjoe writes...

Sounds like a server problem - iFriends servers are horribly flaky (the hosts complain about them all the time!). Try later and see if the movies reappear.

posted: 2008-05-5 11:11:23

sneakyjoe writes...

You forgot to mention - host names (which may be a mix of upper and lower case characters) should be converted to entirely lower case before forming the URL (the exact opposite of iFriends!).

Also, fanclub membership is so cheap on (membership gives you free videos), if you are just after 1 or 2 hosts and value your time, it may just be more cost effective to pay the fee!

posted: 2008-05-5 11:15:59

Anonymous writes...

Can someone confirm whether the following is generally true, or if it was just a glitch.

The conditions in which it happened for me:
1. I was using internet explorer 6
2. I was in a host's free to private room
3. The host was using Easycam (the Flash video software).

Before a host was taken Private by another member, I had right clicked with the mouse. As usual the 'Right mouse button disabled' window button popped up. I didn't cancel the pop-up, but left it as the top-window.

The other member took the host private, but the privacy curtain did not appear. Instead the video carried on running. On cancelling the 'Right mouse button disabled' window, the 'I'm in private' curtain appeared.

posted: 2008-05-5 14:42:47

mario writes...

Can you send me the script to my mail please

posted: 2008-05-6 00:59:42

Mib writes...

Ah it's horrible.. I think the movies are too big to try to access.... They are the first movies this girl has gone full nude (as you can see from the previews..) anyone know how to get around this limitation? from what i read it might even be a server setting

posted: 2008-05-6 02:43:56

David writes...

why do this? why not pay the host if your that eager to see them?

posted: 2008-05-7 09:18:03

Anonymous writes...

lovely stuff! thx a lot guys. could sum1 tell me the format 4 asx urls?? thx

posted: 2008-05-7 18:31:15

sneakyjoe writes...

Do you mean ASF ?

The URLs are the same form as for the .FLV files - just replace flv by asf

posted: 2008-05-7 21:16:40

sneakyjoe writes...

Do you mean ASF ?

The URL format is the same as for FLVs. Just replace .flv with .asf

posted: 2008-05-7 21:17:40

sneakyjoe writes...

if you mean ASF files for those hosts that use Windows Media Encoder for their video chat, just replace the .flv with .asf - the url format is the same for both, just the extensions change for the different file types. The urls for all the different sources of movies are scattered around these discussions.

posted: 2008-05-8 16:30:11

sneakyjoe writes...

Anonymouas, I think you mean ASF rather than ASX?

Use the notes earlier in this discussion and just use an .asf instead of .flv extension.

posted: 2008-05-18 08:05:03

sneakyj writes...

Anonymouas, I think you mean ASF rather than ASX?

Use the notes earlier in this discussion and just use an .asf instead of .flv extension.

posted: 2008-05-18 08:05:57

spunk79 writes...

@sneakyjoe: where do I find your email address? would love to have the script

posted: 2008-06-1 05:04:38

X34 writes...

I know some hosts have multiple profiles, could someone help me to find if a certain host has other profiles? I've looked but had no luck.

posted: 2008-06-1 14:24:27

X34 writes...

I know some hosts have multiple profiles, could someone help me to find if a certain host has other profiles? I've looked but had no luck.

posted: 2008-06-1 14:25:20

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